The YSOB Thrive in your Mission Checklist

The YSOB Thrive in your Mission Checklist - The exact roadmap to fully show up in your Mission every single day.

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As Mission Driven Creators, we know, better than anyone, how challenging it can be to step into your mission fully.

We are familiar with the doubts, fears, and resistance that you face from time to time. 

You’re not only dealing with the voices inside your own head but you also have to be mindful about the stories other people bring into your life on a day to day basis. 

Just a handful of the doubts and fears that you experience...

These doubts and fears sometimes make it challenging to stay fully committed to focusing on what you're here to do.

And then it’s SO tempting to get caught up in the day-to-day distractions and use them as a reason not to step into your Mission today.

And I haven’t even mentioned the little daily distractions like TV, social media, online games, and so on.

Dear co-creator, it's SO tempting to let yourself be distracted every day from what you feel in your heart that you're here to do.

And it’s also “convenient” in a way, right? Because if the economy, your partner’s work, the time that’s being sucked away from you, money (or lack thereof), the children, or the latest Netflix series (or one of the other 101 things I can think of here) is the reason why you don’t have to show up for your Mission, then you don’t have to worry that your deepest fear will come to life: that you’re not good enough and that you’ll never be able to do this.

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But dear co-creator, those distractions will always be there.

There will never be a day when all those distractions are gone, and the stars and the moon are all in the correct position. 
There will be no morning when you suddenly free yourself from your fears, feel confident, and EXACTLY know what to do. REALLY not. 

Believe me. I’ve been waiting for ten years, and if I hadn’t started taking action, I would still be waiting now.

And let’s be honest: procrastinating in what you know in your heart you need to do, will never feel good. 

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Dear co-creator, it's such a shame because it doesn't have to be this way.

And to help you break through procrastination and self-sabotage once and for all, Conrad and I have created a free Mission To Do Checklist for you that I would LOVE to email to you.

In addition, you’ll receive the replay of the free online training in which Maartje will teach you exactly how to apply the Thrive in your Mission Checklist from day to day. 

You’ll receive the link to the checklist and the training in your mailbox after you sign up. 

Haven’t received anything? Then email, and we will take care of it for you.

If you feel in your heart, “Yes, this is EXACTLY what I need to move forward,” then we invite you to fill in your details below and request the checklist and free training.

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