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Easy to use, all in one, no other products needed, no coding required, no hidden cost, one price plan.

Easy to use, all in one, no other products needed, no coding required, no hidden cost, one price plan.

Attention to all Firestarters, Leaders, Conscious entrepreneurs, pioneers, innovators, thought leaders, trailblazers, Creators, and everyone who wants to make the world a better place!

Do you have the desire to …
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With “Your Site, Our Business,” we offer you, as a Mission Driven Creator, everything you need to thrive in your Mission.

With “Your Site, Our Business,” we offer you, as a Mission Driven Creator, everything you need to thrive in your Mission.

We offer a one-stop, full-service website for your (new or existing) online business. 

We have set up your website for you with everything you need to run your (online) business.

All you have to do is create the content for your own pages and use our simple “drag and drop” system to adjust your website to your own taste. 

You give your website your own individual touch by choosing from our 1 million+ free high-quality stock photo database or upload your own.

But with “Your Site, Our Business,” you will get SO much more than “just” a website. 

Everything you will need for the online marketing part of your business will be available on your website, like:

And there is much more to come because we listen to you as our customer and implement what we think will help you thrive in your Mission. 

At the You use what you need to give your customers the BEST experience, and you leave the rest up to us!

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Our Mission isn’t just to unburden you regarding the technical side of your business. It’s our Mission to boost your business by removing ALL your limitations so you can thrive in your mission to create a better world.

You are not only receiving a YSOB website, with everything you need to serve your Costumers. We also offer you complete access to the YSOB Academy and the YSOB Community AND you get to be part of the YSOB Mission to pave the way when it comes to doing business from a new level of Consciousness. Where we will be your 

THE YSOB Academy 

And, as a HIGH VALUE BONUS, you get complete access to our Online Learning Platform, where you can get access to dozens of marketing and mindset modules, so there won’t be anything stopping you from creating the success of your mission-driven (online) business or initiative that you desire and deserve.
We call this the YSOB (Your Site Our Business) Academy, we will teach you everything you need to know about setting up and marketing your business.

You get access to dozens of modules in the following categories: 

The list contains more than 100+ modules, and we don’t stop creating. We will add new modules if they help you to create more impact with your customers.

THE YSOB Community 

As we shared before, we want to remove all the limitations you experience when it comes to living your mission, creating impact, and helping customers. The YSOB Community is an essential element in reaching this goal. The YSOB Community is going to be a thriving and supportive community of people who have a mission, big or small, to create a better world, who will support you in your Mission. This will be a safe space for you to ask for feedback and share your successes and fears, and doubts with other conscious, mission-driven entrepreneurs that are there to help and uplift you.

THE YSOB Mission

We haven’t created YSOB to make money. Don’t understand us wrong, we look to money as energy and as a useful tool to create a better world, but we created YSOB to empower Mission Driven Entrepreneurs like yourself to help make the world a better place. We are setting up YSOB so that the revenue will provide for the livelihood of the YSOB team members, but the profits aren’t being spend on a third vacation home or fourth care, they will be invested back into the community to support new initiatives and businesses that help make this world a better place. As a Community, we will decide together what initiatives or businesses we are giving or lending the profits to (without interest.) 

This way, our energy (in the form of money) flows directly back into the community.

Also on other areas, like making decisions and ownership, YSOB will do things different. You can read more about this in our Source Document. 
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Magical Maartje
Connector Conrad
Builder Bas

what's included in the ysob package?


You pick out your own domain name.
We offer a PRE-Build site, and ALL you have to do is drag and drop and fill your website with your content. We made this EASY for you, and we are going to show you exactly how to do this!
We take care of all the updates and technical problems.
We have an excellent onboarding service, and there is also an exit service if you want to take your site elsewhere. (We can’t think of any reason, but we like freedom of choice.)
We offer you everything you need to let customers find you and get in touch with you: SEO, Online forms and reviews, google analytics, social media links, and much much more.

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We install your webshop for you.
You can offer your customers online payments and subscription models.
You can send digital invoices and export files for an accounting package.
The only thing that you have to do is create your product and put it in your ‘shopping window. How? You will find all the instructional video’s in the YSOB Academy.

email marketing

You can build a connection with your customers by sending them emails and/ or newsletters. We offer a fair use policy, and you can send up to 100.000 emails a month. 
You can build funnels and automation to create recurring income and automated marketing funnels.
You get access to a Customer Relations Management system, where you can find all your customer information in one place.
Your email system integrates with your online learning platform and with your webshop and forms. 

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online learning platform

You get access to your own Learning Management System. You can create courses and sell memberships and other digital information.

online community

Your customers can get access to a special forum to connect and ask questions. 
You can build a thriving community through your forum. 
People can adjust their profiles, share about themselves, help each other, and connect through their profiles or use private and group messaging to connect with each other.

“People come for the content, they stay for the community.” 

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Maybe it sounds weird and scary, but: the best support is no support. We will make sure this platform works smoothly, and we offer detailed instructional videos to help you understand how the YSOB Platform works.
But if your question isn’t answered through our Instructional videos and FAQs, we have a support service that will help you answer all your questions.
Urgent matters, like your website being down, we will respond to immediately. 
In all other cases, we respond to your question within 48 hours.
And by asking your question, you will also help all our other customers because they can find the answer to your question in the YSOB Academy.

Access to the YSOB Academy

The “regular” marketing and business strategies don’t feel in alignment for most Mission Based Entrepreneurs. That’s why we offer you access to a complete Online Academy with 100+ modules, where we teach you everything you need to know about discovering your Mission, living in alignment with your mission, and doing business in alignment with your mission.
We have 10+ years of experience and helped hundreds of people in the Netherlands around the topic of making money with their Mission.
We take all the regular marketing strategies and translate them into consciously aligned marketing strategies that feel good for you and your customers.

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Access to the YSOB Community

As a Mission Based Entrepreneur, you will not always be understood by the people who love you. Sometimes that can feel very painful. But you DO need a strong support system to overcome your challenges and get feedback and positive reinforcement.
That’s why we offer you access to the YSOB Community. In the YSOB Community, you can connect with like-minded Mission-Based entrepreneurs. You can ask questions, get feedback, and co-create. 


A chance to be....

…part of and support a socially and economically innovative company inspired by the next stage of human consciousness. 

YSOB is set up and structured differently than regular businesses on lots of different levels. 
To create a real difference in the world, we need to relate to ownership, money, and each other in a different way. YSOB is a pioneer in this field. 
The company isn’t owned by anyone. Maartje, Conrad, and Bas are the founders, and Conrad and Maartje “own” the company on paper, but we are going to structure the company in a way that the company can not be sold. Everyone is free to make their own connection to the Source of the Company.
In our Source document, we describe exactly how this works. This document is currently only available in Dutch but will be translated soon. 
YSOB fulfills the needs of living for its founders and team members. But as soon as this goal is reached and YSOB is financially stable, the profits that are being made will be invested back into the YSOB community. People who are a part of the YSOB community can borrow money (without interest), or it is donated to them to start a new initiative or build on their current initiative to make the world a better place. 

The YSOB Package is valued at
€ 5.000 per year but your investment is only a fraction of the total value...

Your investment for the YSOB Package is less than what you would pay if you did this YOURSELF. 

Not a bit less, but at least five times less. You are paying only 20% of what the costs will be if you do this yourself! And then, we are only talking about the cost of the software and not about the support, the perfect integration, the YSOB Academy, and access to the YSOB Community, where you can connect and co-create with like-minded people.

And it will save you years of frustration and unfulfilled feelings because you know you aren’t living your highest potential and aren’t doing what you are supposed to be doing. 

Let us help you not to make the same mistakes. 

If you paid for everything we offer yourself, your investment would be over €5.000,00 a year.

AND your investment to get access to the knowledge we offer you in the YSOB Academy would also be over €10.000,00.

And that does not even include the benefits of having our ongoing support and coaching AND having access to our amazing YSOB community of Mission-based entrepreneurs: people who truly get you, who support you and uplift you.

Your investment for the YSOB Platform normally is only €1497,00 a year OR €147,00 a month with a €147,00 sign-up fee* (*only if you choose the monthly payment plan) 

But right now The first group of mission-driven entrepreneurs that signs up will get to take advantage of our special Launch Offer. 

You can be part of the first group of people to join the YSOB Community when we officially launch on Januari 1st and receive a lifetime LIFETIME Discount on your investment as a thank you for helping us build this amazing Community. In the first FAQ, you can read how it works after signing up. 

We have 40 spots available to become a founding member of this innovative company inspired by the next stage of Human Consciousness.

Your investment is only € 997,00 a year OR € 97,00 a month with a €147,00 sign-up fee* (*only if you choose the monthly payment plan)

As a Pay in Full Bonus, you will get two months for free, and you don’t have to pay the sign-up fee.

Book in a free YSOB Strategy Call!​

We have answered your most burning questions below. Do you still have some unanswered questions, after reading the FAQ’s, as to YSOB is THE best choice for you and your business, then we invite you to book in a free YSOB Strategy Call? We look forward to connecting with you and help you figure out if joining the YSOB platform is THE best step for you to Thrive in your mission.

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After signing up, you receive a welcome email.

You are being asked in this email to share some important information with us to set up your website. Without these answers, we aren't able to set up your website for you.

You will receive acces to your website on, or shortly after January 1st. This is our official launch date.

You will receive access to your website, your webshop and your email marketing system. The other features will be released shortly after January 1st.

On januari 1st, you will also get access to the YSOB Academy and the YSOB Community.

If you already have a website, it could be a great choice to transfer your content to a YSOB website, with all the advantages that we offer. 

All you have to do is transfer your content or hire a Virtual assistant to do this for you. 

If there are a lot of requests for a migration service, then we are open to creating a service that provides migration support after we have launched the YSOB Platform.

We honestly don’t know why you would ever want to leave the YSOB community, but if you do want to leave the YSOB platform, of course, this is possible. 

You receive a backup of all the content on your website. If you use the same software, you can recreate the exact same website, or you can just upload your content on another platform. 

You can end your subscription any time you like. However, we don’t give any refunds. We use the investment you make in setting up your site and extending the YSOB Platform, and we thank you with all of our hearts you contributed to making this possible and serving a lot of people.

Every day, we are focused on helping you, as a Mission Driven Entrepreneur, to reach your goals and fulfill your potential. 

We do everything that is in our power to help you get the most out of the YSOB Platform. We add instructional videos, and modules of functionalities if there are enough people interested.

We create the YSOB platform in co-creation and from a place of equivalence, so the chances that we won’t be able to work things out are very small. 

But if we both agree that we aren’t a match when it comes to values and desires, then we lovingly let each other go and wish each other all the best in fulfilling our missions. 

YSOB is only focused on Mission Driven Creators and entrepreneurs that want to be the change they want to see in the world. 

We are deeply connected to our mission to help Mission Driven Creators thrive in their mission; that’s why we want to offer as much value as we can for the lowest investment possible. 

It’s our goal to create a platform that requires no other products or passwords. You will never have to leave your YSOB dashboard to run your website and marketing.

We believe that the tools we offer can help you make the biggest impact possible in your Mission; that’s why we offer everything for one accessible investment. 

It’s important to know that it will take us a lot more effort to turn off one of the functionalities than it is to leave them on.

We are happy to turn off one of the functionalities, but we’ll have to charge extra to do so 😬

Yes. We really appreciate it if you pay in full for the whole year, so we can use your investment to build the platform; that’s why you get 2 months for free, and you don’t have to pay the startup costs. 

Yes, we love it if people pay in full because their investment will help us to grow the platform faster, but if you want to pay in monthly installments, it’s possible.

We didn’t start YSOB to make money or to sell this company for a lot of money. We started this company to help you make a difference and to use this company as a vehicle to make a difference. 

We think it’s very important that every human being gets valued accordingly for the value he or she provides, but we know from experience that big houses and fancy cars will do nothing for your deepest fulfillment. Being able to live your mission will expand you in ways that you can’t even imagine. And YSOB makes this possible. 

We also find it important that the YSOB platform is accessible for start-ups. 

At YSOB, we are extremely service orientated. We love to listen to our Community. That’s how this platform came to life. 

There is a possibility to express your desires and wishes. The rest of the community can vote to let us know if they have the same desires so we know what adds the most value to the community at large. 

We know from experience how hard it can be to find and meet like-minded people.

The YSOB Community gives you the possibility to meet people who all have the desire to impact the world in a positive way and who are supportive of one another and uplift each other. 

And these people are also builders and creators, which will also generate lots of positive energy. And who knows what amazing new initiatives will come to life through the YSOB Community? 

Our slogan is: the best support is no support. This might sound a little weird, but it’s our goal that all your questions are already answered within the YSOB Academy. 

If you can’t find an answer to your question there, then we will record a new video or find some other way to answer your question. 

Mission Driven entrepreneurs are inspiring change agents in the system who use their company or initiative as a vehicle for change.

The Mission Driven entrepreneur has a clear and specific mission they feel called to pursue; and their business, therefore, is centered around it. 

Mission Driven entrepreneurs see some wrong in the world that they want to make right.

Yes you can. At this moment, we are open to partnering  with affiliate partners who already have a network of people and are skilled at doing marketing, because at this point, this is what’s best for the growth of the YSOB Platform. If this is you, send us an email and we will get back to you. 

We are going to open our affiliate program for a broader audience later on.

Yes, you can. We are thrilled if you want to support this movement and our Mission and spread the word about this amazing initiative.

One of our founding partners: Bas, is active in fashion, so we designed a t-shirt for you to wear. You can purchase it later in our merchandise shop. 

You can give your YSOB website the look and feel you desire. 

You can change color’s, fonts and pictures on your website. 

Our YSOB is a YSOB website, and we will soon share a video on what the Community and Online learning platform look like.

Yes, ask us for the conditions.

It doesn’t matter if you sell products or services, if your product or service makes the world a better place in the broadest sense of the word, then the YSOB Platform is suitable because you know, as a Mission Driven Entrepreneur, you will be understood and supported in every way possible.

Yes, also then the YSOB platform is the best way to go. 

With mentoring 1000+ Mission Driven Creators, we also know that even with a social initiative, you have to “sell” your ideas because you still need people to invest their money, time, and energy into your mission. It’s tempting to think that people will see the value of what you are doing because you are doing something for the greater good, but unfortunately, that is not how it works. 

We teach you how you can do sales and marketing from love and not get that “icky” feeling you will get in other marketing trainings. 

If your company doesn’t have any profit motive, you can get an additional discount when you sign up for the YSOB Platform. You can send us an email, to receive a discount code. You can use this email address:

At this moment sending 100.000 emails a month is included in your subscription. We hope that you sent much more e-mails to your customers, to make more and more positive impact in their lives. And if you do so, you will make more money. And it is fair that you pay for the extra's e-mails that you sent. The extra's costs will not be that high.
But no worries we will not charge you immediately, only when you are structurally sending more then 100.000 e-mails a month we will knock on your door,  to pay a few extra dimes.