Job Opportunities

Job Opportunities

It’s YSOB’s (Your Site Our Business) mission to boost your business by removing all your limitations, so you can thrive in your mission to create a better world.
Do you feel called? Then we are looking for you!

What does that mean?

The world needs social entrepreneurs, people who take initiative to create a better world.

To co-create a world where everybody can thrive, not just the lucky few. A world where we take care of each other and where we live in harmony with each other, nature and animals so that our children’s children can still live on this beautiful planet.

Maybe this sounds like a fairy tale, but we at YSOB can already see that more and more people are building a better, more sustainable, and more equal world.

We want to help these people unite and thrive in their mission to Create a better world.

The movement

Do you resonate with this mission? Then we are looking for you! We need people who find making an impact more important than making money. That’s why we will build YSOB differently. We are not building this (technical) platform to sell and get richt. No, YSOB is it’s own company and can never be sold. It’s really all about the mission. If you work for YSOB you get paid the amount of money you need to create a comfortable life for yourself and fulfilling your own life’s goals and the rest of the money get’s invested back into the community, to fund new projects that make the world a better place. So money is a tool and a result of the service we provide and the amount you need to live. It’s never a goal.

Our YSOB solution, our internet platform, our online academy, and our online community with like-minded people is the place where mission-driven entrepreneurs will be supported in building their business because they will receive everything they need to thrive in their Mission.

Please join!

We are building a team of people who feel that they have the same mission as we have and who feel called to dedicate their time and energy to fulfilling this mission. Of course, your partner and children are equally important to you as your mission, but you can also see that if you don’t live your mission to create a better world for them, you are also not serving the ones you love.

Because to create a better world, everyone has to step into their fullest potential. You can’t leave this up to others. You know it has to be YOU! You can’t be complacent anymore. The time is NOW!

So if you feel in your veins that you are 200% committed or on your way to having this commitment to be part of the YSOB movement to contribute to a better world, PLEASE JOIN US in our Mission.

What we need

  • We’re looking for a WordPress Web Developer who will maintain and further develop our WordPress platform so we can fully automate website generation for our clients., that gives our clients a wow-experience when it comes to functionality and user experience. You can read more HERE. 
  • We’re also looking for a WordPress Support Representative who has service as their middle name, and who is dedicated to assisting our customers with all their inquiries and issues, thereby acting as the face of our services. You can read more HERE.
  • And most of all, we need ambassadors that support our mission and share the YSOB movement with every Mission-Driven entrepreneur they know.

Together we will create a better world person by person, company by company, community by community, and country by country.

Do you want to help us to build and evolve the YSOB Platform?

We are a start-up, and at this moment it’s really important for the stability and well-being of the business that you are willing to invest your time and energy to support the mission and be ok with the financial pay-off being in the near future. That pay-off WILL be coming, because people are really enthusiastic about our initiative and clients are already signing up to be one of the founding members. 

We have a unique way of co-creating. The YSOB company isn’t owned by anyone but has its own Source. Everyone who co-creates with us makes his or her own connection to this source.

We will be happy to share with you how this works if you feel a “YES” by the YSOB Mission and you can’t wait to be a part of this movement. Everyone who is connecting with the YSOB Mission, is just as dedicated as you are, and together we will create something amazing that will create a lot of value for the world, and the value we create WILL flow back to you.

So what do you say?

Are you as crazy about building a better future as we do? Are you ready to go all in and work with mission-driven entrepreneurs? We are excited to connect with you!

We feel the urgency. If you feel the same urgency and drive, then we are a perfect match.

And while we are building a better future, we will have a lot of fun, do what nobody else has ever done before, and you will take a quantum leap in your personal growth.