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Setup email on Android

Step 1
After we have created an email account for you, go to the settings on your phone.
Scroll down a bit until you reach “Accounts”. Then click on this.

Step 2
You will now see any previously added accounts at the top. Below it it says “Add account” click on that to add a new account.

Step 3
Now click on “Personal (IMAP)” to add an email account.

Step 4
Enter your email details here and click on “Next”.

Step 5
Enter your Password here and click “Next”.

Step 6
Leave the incoming server settings as they are and click “Next”.

Step 7
Leave the outgoing server settings as they are and click on “Next”.

Step 8
Leave the account options as they are and click “Next”.

Step 9
Enter your name and click “Next”.

PLEASE NOTE: If you set up an e-mail account on an Android and you enter an incorrect password, you will not receive a message that the username or password is incorrect, but that the mail server will not respond!