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Editing pages, settings & content

Wisse 25/09/2023

The community contains a lot of additional pages. You may wish to edit some of them. Please note that most of the community pages are generated automatically, so you cannot edit or customize the design yourself. The following pages CAN be customized:

  • Community Dashboard (00:00)
  • Login Page (01:34)

I will show you how to customize these pages in the video below.

PS. If you want the change the names of the menu items, please check out our lesson on editing the main menu.

Changing the settings
Your YSOB website has a basic community set up, and we’ve tried to keep it as simple as possible. You may want to change some functions or settings. With the links below you can find extended documentation:

Moderating content
With BuddyBoss (the plugin we use for our community) it is possible to moderate content your members post. There is an extensive tutorial on how to configure and use the moderation component. We advise you follow their tutorial if you wish to moderate your community.

Whatch the tutorial