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Day 7: Unlocking the Secret of a Compelling ‘About Me’ page

Jorien 09/07/2023

We’re already on Day 7 of our 30-day challenge, and today, we have something truly special lined up for you!

🌟 **What’s in store?**  
Crafting an authentic and compelling ‘About Me’ page can often be a daunting tasks in establishing your online presence. It demands introspection, honesty, and a sprinkle of creativity.

But fret not! Jorien and I have devised a potent prompt to guide you through this journey.

🎥 **What’s inside today’s video?**  

In the attached video, I’m sharing this unique prompt a I show you my ‘about me’ page.

**Why is this crucial?** 

Your ‘About Me’ page is often one of the most visited sections of your site. It’s where visitors flock to understand you better, fathom your expertise, and decide whether they want to collaborate with or purchase from you. A robust ‘About Me’ page can entirely shift the way folks perceive your brand.

  • Download the Chat GPT prompt HERE.

    We urge you to give this prompt a shot and witness what unfurls for you. Remember, there’s no right or wrong— it’s all about being authentic and narrating your story in a way that resonates with your audience.

    Ready for the challenge? Dive right in, and do let me know how it pans out!

    Editing Your ‘About’ page in YSOB
  • From your Dashboard go to ‘Pages’ and if ‘About’ is already a page there, click on ‘Edit with Elementor’ and start building your page with the widgets on the left. Click on the grey folder to activate our Template Library for easy page building.
  • If you want to build your About page from scratch, use one of our Saved templates in YSOB’s Template Library

How to use our Template Library to edit and create your About page

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