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Day 6: Crafting Your Captivating Homepage

Jorien 09/07/2023

We are thrilled to see the energy and commitment you’re putting into our “Launch Your Business in 30 Days” challenge! Today, we’re diving deep into a crucial part of your online presence: Your Captivating Homepage.

Inside today’s module:

  1. The core elements every effective homepage must have.
  2. A hands-on prompt that’ll guide you through crafting the perfect homepage text.

How to create your Homepage Copy

HERE you can download the PDF with the prompt.

  • Edit Your Homepage in YSOB
    From your Dashboard go to ‘Pages’ and select the ‘Homepage’ that is already there. Click on ‘Edit with Elementor’ to edit the Homepage.
  • Build a Homepage from scratch by going from your Dashboard to ‘Pages’ and click on ‘Add New’

The video’s below will help you out with editing your pages. The first video explains how Elementor works. The second one describes how to make use of our YSOB Template Library so you can make use of our pre-build templates to create pages easily.

Build and edit pages with Elementor

YSOB’s Template Library

Remember, your online space is where your brand comes alive, and your homepage is the front door. Let’s make it welcoming!

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