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Day 5: The Global Settings of Your YSOB Website

Jorien 09/07/2023

Today’s a big step forward on our journey! We’re laying the groundwork for your online space where potential clients and customers will get to know you.

What we’re diving into:

* Placing your logo and brand colors on your website.
* Adjust the Footer
* Deciding what pages should come on your website.

Remember, a website is more than just a digital address. It’s a reflection of your mission, your story, and the value you bring. And with the help of YSOB, setting it up is as simple as can be. 

Are you ready? Dive in and watch today’s video‘s:

The Basics

How to adjust the Global Settings in YSOB

How to Add/Change the Logo of your Website

How to Change the Fonts

How to Change Colors

In tomorrow’s lesson, we are going to show you exactly what you should put on your homepage. Keep up the awesome work. 😊

With Love, 

Your Site Our Business.