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Day 1: Quick Start and Cultivating the Succes Mindset

Jorien 09/07/2023

A warm welcome to our 30-Day Business Transformation Journey! This isn’t just about building a business; it’s about constructing a mission-driven venture rooted in purpose.

Dive Deep into Video 1: Mindset and Flow 🧠💡 Before diving into practicalities; it’s essential to cultivate the right mindset. In this introductory video, we explore:

  • Why chasing perfection can hold you back and how to prioritize progress.
  • Understanding that you can’t please everyone – and why you shouldn’t even want to.
  • Embracing and adapting the First Logical Step process to keep moving forward on your journey.

A Gentle Reminder Mindset is the foundation of every successful endeavor. As we journey together, remember to give yourself grace, stay open to possibilities, and trust the process.

And then just a QUICK START VIDEO to get the most our of your YSOB experience.

Get ready; tomorrow brings fresh insights and actionable steps!

With love,