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CRM & Email

In this video, I will explain how our email marketing module works. This module is available on all YSOB websites and can be used for email marketing automations, managing your leads and customers, creating email marketing campaigns, and monitoring user activity. Additionally, it is fully integrated with your website, webshop, and e-learning module. Here is a summary of what I will demonstrate in the video:

Your settings (00:38)
Introduction of the dashboard (01:43)
Contacts, lists and tags (02:10)
Forms (04:45)
Send an email to your list (09:30)
How to use email sequences & automations (14:33)
Attention, in the video you will see the old menu structure. The old name is FluentCRM but in your website the name is: CRM + Email. Soon we will make new video’s with the new names.