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Checklist: Before you launch

Wisse 08/04/2023

Are you ready to launch your website? It is important to check all your posts and pages to make sure there are no errors, broken links or missing content. Here is a checklist of some thing you should check before launching your website.

  1. Check all the pages and posts of your website.
  2. Don’t forget the ‘hidden’ pages that are not in the menu. You can find an overview of all pages in the menu at ‘Pages’.
  3. Test the contact form by filling it out and sending it. Check your mailbox to make sure it arrives.
  4. Test the newsletter forms by filling it in. Check if your email address is added to the list. If you have an automation or sequence: please test if you receive the emails.
  5. Make sure the webshop check out page has the right content in it.
  6. Check if your customers have access to your online course content.
  7. Test your website on different devices, like smartphones.
  8. Don’t forget to add/edit the footer content, including the Privacy Policy and the Terms of Conditions.