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Changing the Elementor Footer in WordPress

Step 1: Access the YSOB Site Dashboard

  • Open your web browser and log in to youre YSOB website.
(Screenshot 1: Login page with the fields for username and password filled out)

Step 2: Go to Templates and Select Theme Builder

  • From the YSOB site dashboard, navigate to “Templates” in the sidebar menu.
  • Click on “Theme Builder” to access the Elementor Theme Builder.
(Screenshot 2: YSOB site dashboard with Templates option highlighted)

Step 3: Edit the Footer Template

  • In the Elementor Theme Builder, locate the “Footer” section and click on it to edit the footer template using Elementor.
(Screenshot 4: Elementor Theme Builder with Footer section highlighted)

  • The Elementor editor will open, displaying the current design of the footer template.
(Screenshot 5: Elementor editor with the Footer template)

Step 4: Customize the Footer Content

  • To modify the content of the footer, simply click on the respective elements within the footer template in the Elementor editor.
  • Use Elementor’s editing tools and features to customize text, add images, adjust the layout, and make other design changes to the footer.
(Screenshot 6: Elementor editor with footer content being customized)

Step 5: Save and Publish the Changes

  • Once you have finished customizing the footer, click the “Save/Update” button to save your changes in Elementor.
(Screenshot 7: Elementor editor with Save/Update button highlighted)
  • Preview your YSOB site to ensure that the footer reflects the modifications you made.

Congratulations! You have successfully edited the footer using Elementor in the Theme Builder on your YSOB site. By accessing the Theme Builder, you can utilize the power of Elementor to customize the design, content, and layout of your site’s footer according to your preferences.