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Adding and using categories

Step 1: Log in to your YSOB Site

  • Open your web browser and log in to youre YSOB website.
  • Enter your username and password that have been sent to you via email.
(Screenshot 1: Login page with the fields for username and password filled out)

Step 2: Access the Categories Section

  • After successful login, you will be redirected to the YSOB site dashboard.
  • On the left-hand menu, locate and click on “Posts,” then select “Categories.”
(Screenshot 2: YSOB site Posts menu with Categories option selected)

Step 3: Add a New Category

  • In the Categories screen, you will see a form to add a new category.
  • Enter a name for your new category in the “Name” field. For example, “Travel,” “Technology,” or “Food.”
  • Optionally, you can provide a slug (a URL-friendly version of the category name) and a description for the category.
  • Click the “Add New Category” button to create the category.
(Screenshot 3: YSOB site Categories screen with new category form)

Step 4: Assign a Category to a Blog Post

  • Now that you have created categories, let’s assign a category to a blog post.
  • Go to the “Posts” section from the left-hand menu and click on “All Posts” to view your existing blog posts.
(Screenshot 4: YSOB site Posts menu with All Posts option selected)

Step 5: Edit an Existing Blog Post

  • In the list of blog posts, locate the post you want to assign a category to and hover over its title.
  • Click the “Quick Edit” link that appears beneath the post title.
(Screenshot 5: YSOB site All Posts screen with Quick Edit link)

Step 6: Assign a Category in Quick Edit

  • In the Quick Edit section, you will find a “Categories” box.
  • Click on the checkbox next to the category you want to assign to the blog post.
  • You can select multiple categories if desired.
  • Click the “Update” button to save the changes.
(Screenshot 6: YSOB site Quick Edit section with Categories box)

Step 7: Assign a Category in the Edit Post Screen

  • Alternatively, you can assign categories in the Edit Post screen.
  • To access the Edit Post screen, click on the blog post’s title or the “Edit” link below it.

(Screenshot 7: YSOB site All Posts screen with Edit link)

Step 8: Assign a Category in the Edit Post Screen

  • In the Edit Post screen, look for the “Categories” section on the right-hand side.
  • Check the boxes next to the categories you want to assign to the blog post.
  • You can also create new categories directly from this screen using the “Add New Category” link.
  • Click the “Update” button to save the changes.
(Screenshot 8: YSOB site Edit Post screen with Categories section)

Congratulations! You have successfully created new categories for your blog posts on your YSOB site and assigned categories to specific blog posts. Categories help organize and classify your content, making it easier for readers to navigate your blog.