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The No-Nonsense Approach for Mission-Driven Entrepreneurs to go From Thought to Action FAST.

Is your dream of starting a business often clouded by the paralysis of analysis, the lure of perfection, or the apprehension of the unknown? I (Maartje) have been there. 

I thought about starting my business for more than 10 years. In 2014 I finally started my Mission Driven Business.
Now, after the rapid success of my Dutch company centered on Conscious Creation, I’m sharing the exact blueprint of my journey with you. I am starting a Brand NEW International Business, and I am taking you along step by step to show you how I am creating this business in only 30 days.

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For Whom Is This Program?

Are you feeling that pull in your heart to make a real difference in the world through your business? Do you have a mission, a calling, but aren’t sure how to turn that spark into action? You’re not alone, and this program is here to guide you on that journey. This is for:

What you'll gain

Starting a business can feel overwhelming. But imagine having a step-by-step guide, making it all straightforward. Here’s what our 30-day challenge brings to the table for dedicated entrepreneurs like you:

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Practical Details & How to Sign Up:

Duration: 30 days.
Delivery: One insightful video per day, straight to your inbox.
Investment: Absolutely FREE! It’s our way of empowering the mission-driven entrepreneur spirit within you.

Grab this opportunity to turn your entrepreneurial dreams into tangible reality. Transition from thought to action, and let’s make business magic.

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Free Checklist (#10)