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Welcome to! We’re dedicated to helping you succeed in your mission-driven business. As part of our commitment to your success, we offer a range of valuable free resources designed to elevate your business strategy and performance.

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Free Online Program: Launch Your Business in 30 Days

Is your dream of starting a business often clouded by the paralysis of analysis, the lure of perfection, or the apprehension of the unknown? I (Maartje) have been there. I thought about starting my business for more than 10 years. In 2014 I finally started my Mission Driven Business.

Now, after the rapid success of my Dutch company centered on Conscious Creation, I’m sharing the exact blueprint of my journey with you. I am starting a Brand NEW International Business, and I am taking you along step by step to show you how I am creating this business in only 30 days. Join me as we turn your dreams into reality. 

Exclusive YSOB Demo Week: Experience YSOB risk-free

We understand that choosing the right platform is a significant decision. That’s why we’re thrilled to offer you an exclusive opportunity to immerse yourself in YSOB for an entire week, completely risk-free! Request a DEMO call today, and prepare for a unique onboarding experience through a temporary demo account and guided support.

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Free YSOB Strategy Call: Tailoring Success to Your Vision

If you are a Mission Driven Entrepreneur and you want to know how the YSOB Platform can help you to Thrive in your Mission, and unburden you when it comes to the technical and marketing side of your business, then we invite you to book in a free Strategy Call. Just push the button, fill in the form and select a time you prefer and we look forward to speaking to you very soon.

YSOB Thrive in Your Mission Checklist: Your Roadmap to Daily Mission Excellence

Discover the YSOB Thrive in Your Mission Checklist, your definitive guide to wholeheartedly embodying your mission every single day. This comprehensive roadmap will empower you to align your actions with your mission, ensuring that you make meaningful progress toward your goals with every step you take.

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