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3 Features that make YSOB a unique website platform

YSOB is dedicated to building websites for mission-driven entrepreneurs. It has a variety of features that make it a unique platform. Many may find it hard to believe that it has so many features and possibilities – all for one price! If you need a website, you will find the YSOB website platform to be your best option. In this blog, we will show you three features that make YSOB a unique website platform.

01. YSOB is a real all-in-one platform

If you’ve ever had a website before, you’ve probably explored different platforms to line up your ducklings. One platform for your website, another for email marketing, another for online courses, and so on. With YSOB everything is in one place. From your WordPress dashboard you can:

  • Build your entire website.
  • Write your blogs.
  • Set up your webshop and products.
  • Create online courses and memberships.
  • Design e-mailmarketing campaigns, automations and sequences.
  • Build and moderate your community.
  • Manage your bookings and appointments.

02. Ready-to-go template, but you are in control

After joining, we will set up the YSOB template for you which includes all basic pages like a home page, a sales page, blog page and contact page. We will also set up all the technical stuff, such as payment methodes for your webshop. We will also add your logo, fonts and colors to the website. All YOU have to do is add your own content to our pre-built template.

But that’s not all.  Most platforms don’t allow you to access or edit important things like the main design. With a YSOB website you are not ‘stuck’ to a specific template, because it can be edited or designed as you like using the Elementor plugin. You are in control of your website.

03. We deal with the scary tech stuff

Building a website can be fun, but it can also cause a lot of stress. Especially when it comes to the scary tech stuff. With a YSOB website you don’t have to worry but the technical aspects: we’ve got you covered! Not only do we set up all the tech stuff for you (like webshop payments and contact forms), we also set up the hosting and mailboxes AND we perform the monthly maintenance and all technical updates. This frees up your time, so you can spend it on your mission.

Want to know more about our YSOB websites? Check out the package page or book a free strategy call with us.

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