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YSOB is initiated by Conrad van Pruijssen, Maartje Koper and Bas Ruijters. Later Sandra Boon joined the YSOB team. 

In 2002 Maartje discovered her Mission: Learning all about how we create our reality and sharing this knowledge with other people so they, too, can manifest the life and business they desire and fulfill their greatest potential. She started her Mission Based (online) business in 2014.

Maartje experienced a couple of major challenges when it came to making a living with her mission:

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Can you relate to these challenges, co-creator?

One by one, she overcame all these limitations.
By gathering knowledge, working on her skills, mastering her mindset, and surrounding herself with the right people, she achieved success with her Mission-Based Business. But the technical part of her business remained a challenge for her. Bas Ruijters helped her with it, but they still felt it could be simpeler. They looked at other systems now and then, but noting felt in alignment. It was either too expensive, it didn’t offer anything in one place or it was too commercial. 

Then Conrad had the idea to build something ourselves. But he said: 
“If we are going to build this, we are not only building it for you, but we are going to build this for every Mission-driven entrepreneur who has the same challenge you have.”

And so the idea for YSOB was born. Bas build the platform, Conrad had the vision and the Strategy and Maartje knew exactly what a mission-driven entrepreneur needs, to Thrive in their mission. Later Sandra joined the team with her amazing design skills and designed the YSOB Template. 

We are really happy and blessed to offer you this amazing product and we hope it will support you deeply in putting your mission in the world.

“It is good to make your own mistakes, but why not learn from the mistakes of others?”

It can be easier for you then it was for Maartje. You can get all the knowledge and support that took Maartje, Bas, Conrad and Sandra 20 years to gather in ONE place, and within a year, you can achieve the success with your Mission that you desire.

That’s why we teamed up and created the YSOB Platform, the YSOB Academy, and the YSOB Community and the YSOB Mission.

It’s our Mission to boost your business by removing all your limitations so you can thrive in your mission to create a better world.

It’s our Mission to boost your business by removing all your limitations so you can thrive in your mission to create a better world.

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